I now have three different narrated slide lectures available for gallery talks, library programs, etc.


Over a span of 15 years beginning in 1991, I created a project that took me all over the country on annual solo wilderness camping trips. I immersed myself in capturing images of nature, seeking to express my own personal impressions of place, often abstract studies of color, shape, or texture, rather than images that simply documented where I was.

Out of the thousands of photographs arising from these trips, I created a visual retrospective in a 60-75 minute presentation:

jenny on the dunes

Death Valley, Okefinokee and Beyond.

This armchair journey brings you to many of my destinations starting with Death Valley and the Okefinokee Swamp and continuing to many more special places. I narrate each show personally, tailoring the narrative to suit individual audiences, sharing not only natural history, historical and cultural anecdotes, but also beautiful images of places you may see in a whole new way.

This long-term project made it possible to pursue my art in a meaningful way. I brought home not so much snapshots of places as reflections of the hidden beauty I discovered there. Relying on my own resources, I learned to pitch my tent on mountaintops and paddle my canoe in remote swamplands — alone. On a personal level, my spirit deepened and my strength grew. My goal is to inspire and invigorate those rising to meet their own challenges or wishing to expand their own horizons.


I have now added two other narrated slide lectures:


Come With Me to Tanzania

Little did I know when I journeyed to Tanzania to visit my daughter that the trip would open up a completely different view of Africa from the one I’d held my whole life.  I got a taste of what has captivated Jenny about that continent while she studied, lived, and worked there. Through her fluency in Swahili and many friends, I was afforded a personal view of Tanzania.  We traveled by local busses, stayed in homes, and went to places less common for tourists.  Come take an armchair journey with me on safari in two national parks, peek into Tanzanian everyday life, and experience Zanzibar, mysterious spice island with an amalgam of three cultures: Tanzanian, Indian, and Arabian.


Touring Kenya

Join  Annie  for  a  slide-­‐illustrated  talk  about  the  land  and  people  of Kenya, its history, geography, and wildlife, from the coastal city of Malindi to  Masaai Mara  National Preserve, part  of  the  Greater Mara  Ecosystem.    You’ll  get  a  peek  at  the  gathering  of  the wildebeest  for  their  amazing  semi‐annual migration,  as  well  as watch a giraffe give kisses. (Huh?) The traditional Kikuyu wedding ceremony joining two cross‐continental  families is a cultural gem, and you’re invited!               (Suitable for all ages.)


“Annie’s presentation was a spiritual and creative experience. When I faced a personal challenge recently, her commentary during the show came to mind and provided me with the    fortitude to overcome what felt like an impossible task. Her photography was magnificent.”


“…gives our daughters permission to think of females doing something like a solo trek into the wilderness to get in touch with nature as well as their spirit…broke down a stereotype that society has set up concerning women. That is a powerful message.”


“…real insight into the passion that produces such outstanding work.”


“Annie has a beautiful program. She is a rare artist who presents her most beautiful photography with a spellbinding personal story of her adventures into nature. She integrates her great passion along with the cultural and historical aspects of her subjects. A truly gifted artist.”


“[Annie] traveled alone, camped alone, communed with nature, and captured a series of photographic images that are by turns: gorgeous, sensitive, dazzling, astonishing, and arresting.”


Galleries where I am exhibiting my work may wish to schedule this presentation as an evening gallery talk.

My experiences can be tailored to suit many audiences, including:

  • Lecture series
  • Women's groups
  • Elementary school students grades 4 and up
  • Middle and high school students
  • College students
  • Environmental groups
  • Seniors
  • Family audiences
  • Photo groups
  • Community groups
  • Travel groups
  • Museums
  • Spiritual groups
  • Art groups

Please contact the artist if you are interested in hosting one of these narrated slide lectures.