Lighthouse at Sunrise

There is magic in the skies and seas. The skies, so vast and never-ending, and the sea, a watery connection between the land masses.

Skies deliver an array of colors, patterns, and drama that no other form of nature matches. Sunsets and sunrises differ each day... no two alike.

The gift for arising early is a pageant of colors, rapidly shifting from deep purple, to azure blue, vermilion red, magenta, orange, and yellow, before the fireball races above the horizon, and day begins.

The colors in my sunsets and sunrises are true-to-life. I need no manipulation to relay what actually happens.

The ocean, especially its edges -- beaches -- is one of earth's most special environments. I love the beach and the never-ending collection of gifts the waves offer up for inspection.

Shells, beach stones, sand patterns... they all mesmerize me, especially in warm, late afternoon light.

Each gift is unique and ephemeral, not likely to be there tomorrow. Tomorrow's gifts might be even more appealing, drawing me back again and again.