Annie Cameron

photo by Jenny Tiberio

I make 35mm color images that help me to reveal what I feel about the natural world: its colors, shapes, textures, lines, and forms. My background in science supports my visual expressions on film where my goal is to make a connection between myself and the observer.

I try to make simple, familiar things in nature acquire the elegance that I see through my lenses. I want my work to inspire the observer — consciously or not — to develop his or her own special vision and see beauty where one might not even have known to look.

My lenses are my brushes and to create images that transcend the ordinary, I must know exactly how each lens will visually express the light that will be painted in the image. I see an invisible image in my mind’s eye and then endeavor to record it with my camera.

My years as a photography instructor have helped me refine and express to my students myriad photographic concepts, thereby becoming a better artist.